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For over 30 years, Mini-Excavation Beloeil has brought its expertise to the Greater Montreal and the South Shore. We guarantee our services to be carried out with outstanding professionalism, irreproachable quality and on-time delivery.

Whether you are an owner or a contractor, we have the equipment and the expertise to carry out your construction or renovation projects.

Over the years, parallel to civil works, Mini-Excavation Beloeil has become a reference in the sawing and drilling of concrete, in addition to diversifying into interior demolition and work with electrical equipment for the most sensitive areas, in order to provide comprehensive services to our customers.

With Mini-Excavation Beloeil, you will find all these services in one place!

  • efficiency
  • tailored services
  • professional experience
  • trust
  • skills
  • complexity of projects
  • versatility
  • meeting deadlines
  • specialized equipment
  • expertise

Sawing and drilling

For more than 10 years, Mini-Excavation Beloeil has been providing concrete sawing and drilling services. Whether you require door openings or residential windows, timber floor or street openings, complex cuts of beams or structural slabs, on construction sites or in inhabited buildings, we have the necessary equipment to meet all your requirements.

Electric or diesel floor saw

Floor Saw

Catalytic saw (diesel) or electric saw 600V

Wall Saw

Two hydraulic units and one electric unit

Saw on Excavator

A unit adapted on a mechanical shovel: power and flexibility

Cable Saw

Saw for very thick concrete structures


Electrical from 0’’ to 16 "and hydraulic from 16’’ to 30’’


Different types of hammers: hydraulic, electric and air